October 27, 2020

Why are women traders about to take over the world????

Why are women traders about to take over the world????

Why are women traders about to take over the world????

</strong>1) Women learn better. Level trading requires countless hours of study and focusedresearch. The same holistic approach to learning that helped many women in elementary school will also benefit them in their careers as a trader. They tend to be more attentive, persistent, and more eager to learn than men. The biggest plus in trading is the speed of solving problems, that is, the operational speed is much faster for women than for men. Therefore, the Head of Trading or Head of Treasury departments prefer to hire female traders on the desk.

2) Women are great at multipletasks. And they do it better than men. Watch how women traders manipulate several positions and track financial indicators, precious metals, technologies, commodities, repo deals and Eurobonds, and now try to find a better repo deal performer than an aggressive girl ... Any other alpha male would have given face to his boss from countless repo deals that need to be closed for the new year.

3) Women are more inclined to take risks. You may remember this thorough study, which showed that women are better investors than men because they are no longer risk averse. Men hold bad trades longer and suffer big losses. It turns out that testosterone isn't always your friend.

Compare a male trader and a woman ... whenthe woman loses losses immediately runs to solve the problem, while the alpha male takes a bottle of whiskey and begins to take even more risks and does this until she lowers her account to zero or gets a rolling pin on the noodle from a fat and fat wife, who is pulling out sockets the computer yells and says when you will become a normal person.

4) Women have the best role models. The women are still working on the glass ceiling. They have to be smarter, sharper, and of course better behaved if they want to be successful. If we take global banks, then there are alpha females in expensive glasses and are actively drawing fat clients into the client base, clevering their CFA with mega words ... And what can men do ???? Current only yell Trading is not about talking is about making money !!!!

There are still too few female executives, but they outperform their male counterparts by not making headlines for bad behavior while managing their personal lives successfully.

5) Women always look good and followthemselves, especially those who cut money. Yes, yes it is true .... And it is better to take care of yourself before it is too late for the world to be taken over by traders, women, politicians, women, and so on, I will not all stop).

Why are women traders about to take over the world????