December 11, 2023

Cloud service provider Mixin Network lost $200 million in hack

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Cloud service provider Mixin Network lost $200 million in hack

The team behind the Mixin Network protocol, which is designed to solve blockchain scalability problems, reported a hacker attack that resulted in the theft of almost $200 million.

Thus, the company confirmed the data of the analytics firm SlowMist, which was the first to report the hacking of the platform.

“In the early morning of September 23, the databaseCloud service provider Mixin Network was attacked by hackers, resulting in the loss of some assets on the main network. The lost funds amount to about $200 million,” Mixin said.

Currently, services for depositing and withdrawing funds on the Mixin network are temporarily suspended. Services will be reopened after vulnerabilities are confirmed and resolved, the company said.

Earlier in September, the Cyvers platform,engaged in blockchain analytics, warned the crypto community about suspicious transactions and the withdrawal of more than $2.7 million from the accounts of the Vietnamese exchange Remitano.

Also in September, the co-founder of Remilia Corporation reported that the developers of the Milady NFT ecosystem had stolen about $1 million and hacked into the project’s social media accounts.