September 21, 2023

Buying BTC. Delta analysis, logic - LONG.

Good afternoon friends! Yesterday I was on the road, I could not quickly post a post about the logic of BTS purchases, about which said before...

So according to the delta analysis - from the buyer's side - what we have:

The previously noted area for the day is 26240, the buyer who bids:
In continuation of this thought, a small digressionto understand this market process: When the price moves up, the buyer who moves the price puts a bid (a limit order to buy along the CD) in order to try, hold the price - and at the same time check the market seller - who will sell on the market to this bid, and if the price turns out later above this bid - we understand that the seller was insignificant and perceive this bid as an action to desire to lead the price on the part of the BUYER!

Buying BTC. Delta analysis, logic - LONG.

full size screen

Next, we move on to M1, and also remember the post of May 23, and the place of the buyer of the moment M1 who turned the price - namely, in conjunction with D1 - 26240.

When the price returns to this place, it will be most profitable to buy, because. an imbalance of power arose in the direction of the buyer too, take a look at the logic of M15.

Those.It turns out that before the daily area of ​​26240, liquidity is collected from the side of the buyer in the form of a set of bids, i.e. trying to contain - will it succeed - this is a question, but this is the action of the buyer in the buyer's area, so I repeat - the purchases will be more reasonable.

According to M1, you should read the chart and observe the presence of demand from the buyer in his area. I paint in detail what happened in the screen.

Trade at a point in time:

Buying BTC. Delta analysis, logic - LONG.

Full screen

And the result is +700 ticks I closed the first part. Closed in front of the local seller's place. In general, I think it worked well:
Buying BTC. Delta analysis, logic - LONG.

Full size screen.

Understanding what is happening on the daily D1 chart -You can enter and take 1 to 5 potentials on average, even if you work against the main slee. Seeing this balance of power makes it possible to take deals from 1 to 10 and above. I work like this - I enter exactly, then I exit the BU upon closing 50 percent of the position from the stop size, and even if I am then knocked out by the stop - I receive an expense only in the form of a commission. Then it's a matter of reading - seeing the place and working out the strength of the moment, you already compare your risks, try on the previously designated places.

Now I will observe more in the market. waiting for June 1-5 news about the US national debt.

A more global balance of power is laid out on the YouTube channel - for the seller it remains up to 31800. The buyer is 25120-24560, and 22800 and 21800. But these are the most senior forces.