October 21, 2020



Our previous bar-by-bar analytics worked perfectly, so it's time analyze the current situation
Following our analysis, the bar of the previous weekclosed in weak sells by type 3. This means that the scenario specified earlier is saved and you can expect to close the current week's bar. The spread is small both in the current wave and in the previous one. An important point is the parameter of renewability - on an average growing volume, the price makes a weak rebound from the sell zone and tests the buy level (creek). The sales progress has faded and there is no proper reaction from 0.5. Also a very important point - the delta on the sales bar is green. I expect a bar up from the current week.
By Japanese candlestick analysis the model is "umbrella", and the model of 2 candles is very similar to the "knife". Waiting - candle up
A video with a detailed analysis of the situation on the cue ball is already being edited
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