January 23, 2021

Yearn.Finance Founder Launches New Deriswap Protocol

Yearn.Finance Founder Launches New Deriswap Protocol

Yearn.Finance creator André Cronier is about to launch yet another decentralized finance protocol.

By according to Cronier, the new protocol receiveddubbed "Deriswap", it is a solution for DeFi investors looking to access different segments of decentralized finance liquidity from a single platform.

Founder of Yearn.Finance talked about this on his blog and clarified that DeFi's current liquidity is segmented in the sense that industry participants have to choose different activities such as swaps, loans and options from different sources or platforms. The new platform will introduce a capital efficiency solution for DeFi investors / traders, bringing all these features together in Deriswap.

André Cronier wrote:

The protocol combines these actions into a singlean effective capital contract that allows interaction between two assets that make up a pair. Deriswap creates a consolidated, capital-efficient marketplace for trading, options, futures and loans, allowing LPs to maintain their positions and receive additional commissions and rewards.

Specific details about the new protocol, dateThe launch and debut of its own token has not yet been released, except that Deriswap is currently undergoing an audit. More detailed information about the platform will be published after the successful completion of the audit.

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