August 4, 2020

overview of the money and instruments market

gold is growing.
silver is catching up.

the crypt required verification.
output through and input best-chain became harder, sometimes you need verification and a photo of the card, or something.
accounts can be temporarily blocked, mail ru or google?
a letter from the FSSP came to the mail ru, there is no time and date of arrival and where there are no such positions.
the password was reset.
google amersky. link cryptoaccounts part to different emails.
how to withdraw? After all, how will the shares grow 10-100 times, the withdrawal through the best change? is it fast? it is transferred to Sberbank for a long time up to several hours.
after large transfers, you can still easily unblock it, probably if you just pay 13% or upon withdrawal. In any case, it will not burn out at all.
meanwhile, the btc course on the rbc television screen.
some scammers are working.
the reliability of the wallets is reduced by this.
if the fall occurs after the growth and withdrawal quickly at a fixed price is not possible?

gold is rising, indices and currencies against the dollar.
will not last long and the market or the dollar will fall.
I think all the same shares will fall in price and this is 1-3 years.