March 8, 2021

Cryptosqueptist Janet May Be Appointed to Post-Minister of the U.S. TreasuryYellen

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden has decided on the next Treasury secretary.It turned out to be ex-head of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) Janet Yellen.

If approved by Yellen, she will be the firstthe woman in this post in the history of the country and the first person to hold the posts of finance minister, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Its appointment comes at a time when the U.S. continues to form a policy on the cryptocurrency industry, primarily from the point of view of taxation and anti-money laundering.

Yellen herself has been skeptical about cryptocurrencies in the past.

"I'm not a fan," she said at a fintech conference in October 2018.At the same time, Yellen positively assesses the block and calls it "important technology."

The incumbent Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is also far fromworship of cryptocurrencies.

"Bitcoin is highly volatile and based on emptiness.We are concerned about the speculative nature of bitcoin and will do everything necessary to ensure that the U.S. financial system is protected fromfraud," he said.

More interesting is the question of who will lead the Securities and Exchange Commission after the departure of current Chairman Jay Clayton.Some candidates may appear very unfavorable, according to industry representatives.