October 21, 2020

The investor lost $ 2.4 million in the transfer of Ethereum. Coins will be shared by miners

The sender of the transaction did not contact for four days, so the Etherechain pool decided to allocate an abnormally high commission between miners.

$ 2.4 million commission last weekwas paid for a transaction in the Ethereum network, will be distributed among the miners of the Etherchain pool. Its operator, Bitfly, announced that the sender of the transaction had not contacted the pool for four days.

“Although several people identified themselves as the senders of this transaction, no one was able to provide a valid signature from the sender’s wallet,” the company said in a statement.

Its representatives called a high commission forTransaction processing by sender error. Bitfly added that in the future they will not look for senders of transactions with alleged erroneous commissions.

“Our payout policy assumes that we should always fully distribute block rewards. We will stick to it, regardless of the amount, ”the miners noted.

In June, several transactions occurred at once withabnormally high commissions. For example, on June 11, the mining pool MiningPoolHub transferred 3221 ETH, paying a commission of 2310 ETH for this, that is, about $ 540 thousand. The remuneration was received by the F2Pool pool. A day earlier, an unknown person paid a commission of 350 ETH for a transfer of 10,668 ETH (more than $ 2.6 million). The funds were received by the Chinese SparkPool, he froze the money and announced his intention to return it to the sender.