May 13, 2021

Altona Test Network Launches for Ethereum 2.0 June 29

Altona Test Network Launches for Ethereum 2.0 June 29

Ethereum 2.0 developers agreed to postpone the launch of the test network version 0.12 on Monday, so that everyone engineers were in place at the time of the launch of the primary unit.

Run test network Ethereum 2.0, Altona, scheduled for June 29th. According to Eth 2.0 developers during a video call on June 25, the new test network is "basically ready for work" and the delay is only due to the need to ensure that all developers are in place at launch.

Developer Afri Shadon, who coordinated all previous test networks, announced that he had reached the minimum deposit threshold for Altona.

According to him, uneven depositsalready led to the "technical formation of the network." Nevertheless, the developers agreed to postpone the launch in order to postpone it from the weekend, when there are much fewer employees on site who are ready to fix any potential problem.

Then the developers agreed to set a specific launch time on Monday. Earlier it was reported that the network could be launched in July.

Final Release Coming

Altona will be in the test network for the first timeused updated version 0.12 for Ethereum 2.0. The developers plan to use it as the basis for the first Eth 2.0 test network with a long working resource, which will be available to a wide range of users.

Developers call Altona “advancednetwork ”, because it is primarily designed to eliminate serious failures. Previous networks often had problems with synchronization, which led to parallel processes on the network.

But the team hopes that the new version will bework stably enough so that in the end you can run a real public test network, similar to the Goerli and Rinkeby networks based on Ethereum 1.0.

The development of the test network 0.12 is proceeding according to the plan, according to which the launch is scheduled for June.

At the moment, launch information is zeroThere is no phase that involves the implementation of a protocol with proof of ownership in the Ethereum network. However, the Altona test network is likely to be an important step towards this goal.


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