April 21, 2021

ECB applied for registration of the "digital euro" trademark

ECB applied for registration of the "digital euro" trademark

The European Central Bank (ECB) has filed an application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office property (EUIPO) to register the digital euro trademark.

There is no official statement on preparations for the digital euro release yet. The ECB is preparing a report on the possibility of issuing CBDC for retail use in Europe.

The regulator plans to hold a public comment to get feedback. Based on the results of the discussion, the future ECB policy in relation to CBDC will be formed.

While regulators around the world are exploring the benefits of CBDCs, no national central bank digital currencies have been released yet.

So far, only the Central Bank of the Bahamas has announced the launch date for its Sand Dollar digital currency.

China is already finishing testing the digital yuan. The US and the European continent are still debating and cautiously exploring the idea itself.

CBDC concept is very different from principlesdecentralized cryptocurrency. According to government agencies, the national digital currency should be fully controlled by the state bank and be traceable, without anonymity for regulatory and inspection bodies.

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