December 8, 2023

Jack Dorsey said he does not own Ethereum

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has denied reports that he is an Ethereum holder. Initially, the assumption aboutthis was put forward by the developer and active participant of the crypto community Udi Wertheimer.

“Bitcoin maximalists have already learned that Jack Dorseyholding ETH or not? " - Wertheimer wrote. “It's been 24 hours and Dorsey is already telling us that Bitcoin is about social justice activism,” he later added.


“Bitcoin only,” Dorsey replied.

Dorsey and Wertheimer's communication took place inthe context of a recent statement by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. He drew criticism after banning employees from participating in community activities.

“Bitcoin is direct activism against the inaccessibleto test and a restrictive financial system that negatively affects a significant part of our society, - then wrote Dorsey. - It is important to at least recognize and connect the related societal issues that your clients have to face on a daily basis. [Armstrong's statement] leaves people behind. "

Armstrong advocates focusing the team's efforts on achieving common goals, rather than on social and political activities. Coinbase CEO decided to resort to such measures against the background of the destabilization of the public situation in the United States as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, growing social tension and the presidential election.

“Although I believe that behind these actionsgood intentions are lurking, they can destroy the values ​​of most companies, being a distraction and creating disunity within, ”he says.

Criticism from well-known entrepreneurs is notinfluenced Armstrong's views. He confirmed his intention to adhere to the new policies by offering generous compensation to employees who decide to leave the company because of this.