September 25, 2023

Sheep are said to be aware that they are being led to the slaughterhouse, but they go anyway. (Poll. I would be grateful for participation)

It is said that the collective mind more accurately predicts the non-obvious result (“Everything that should happen is already happened").
Here is my question:in July-August-September, when the money will go “drag nah Westen”, when two-thirds of the issue over the past three years will make an “escape” from Asia, Europe and emerging markets, where will the bitcoin pivot point be? Where will the bottom be?

I'm not talking about "crypto" and other laundering NFTs, but about bitcoin. In it, as well as in emerging markets, came krupnyak. Will it come in when it comes out?
It's not about levels, it's about timing.

1. August?
2. September?
3. October?
4. November?
6. January?
7. There will be no bottom - will it fall "to zero"?
8. Will he now take off "at 100500"?
9. Is the author a moron? (You yourself are a moron!) ...)))

I would be glad to hear any opinions, except for insults (in the ban).

Regards, V.