September 21, 2023

What cryptocurrencies to store money in?

What cryptocurrencies to store money in?

We present to your attention the optimal structure of the crypto portfolio, against which you can trade our algorithms on your account.

Crypto world today is extremely volatile and unstable,therefore, to keep money in any one currency, in our opinion, is not reasonable. Diversification also comes into play here. Keeping all your money in stablecoins is also dangerous, even in the most reliable ones like USDT. First, stablecoins are being eaten away by dollar inflation. Secondly, the structure of Tether reserves is doubtful, it may happen that holes in the balance sheet will be found and there will not be enough collateral to cover the USDT obligation in the event of a panic outflow of money from them. Even if the reserves were held in “safe” US government bonds, the recent collapse in treasury prices could create paper and real losses.

Any stablecoin can turn into a pumpkin at any time, so we consider it optimal to keep half of the capital in cryptocurrencies, and half in stablecoins. Bitcoin and Ethereum - 25% each.

In the era of the commodity-inflationary cycle, anyfiat currencies, including the dollar, will be depreciated by high inflation, especially against the backdrop of a growing US public debt. While Bitcoin, Ethereum and Gold will rise in price absorbing this inflation.

What cryptocurrencies to store money in?

5% BNB - needed to reduce the commission for active algorithmic trading on Binance.
We leave 30% on USDT as the most liquid currency. And we place the remaining 15% in USDC.

Such a balanced portfolio will allowstabilize and reduce the volatility of the margin on the account. And our trend trading robots will make additional profitability, which earn an average of 60% per annum both on the growth and fall of the crypt. Thus, they will hedge bitcoin and ether in the portfolio from falling prices.

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