December 5, 2023

Evening market review 10/27/2023

In the states, the cost price index showed a slight decrease by0.1%, which is rather negative at current pricesfor oil. The S&P500 kept itself from falling further thanks to the growth of such giants as,AmazonAndIntel. We are waiting for a decisionFednext week

Bitcoin is trading at$34,039. In quotesBTCthere is a process of accumulation. We have already written that the coin is looking at the $43k level; any drawdowns can be considered as an option to gain a position.

The Bank of Russia, as we expected, raised the rate tofifteen%. The dollar exchange rate reacted with a decline, as did the Moscow Exchange index, but by the evening the rate returned to93.57 rub.behind1$.The tax period is ending and speculators will begin to short the ruble next week, let's see if exporters will increase currency sales.