December 11, 2023

Evening review of the markets 20.08.2023

Evening review of the markets 20.08.2023


Next week inUSABusy statistics schedule. Important days Wednesday and Thursday: investorsfind out data fromsale of housing,PMI,unemployment. And on Friday the head will speakFedwith a saving speech. It is likely that the markets are pre-empting negative prices into prices.

Bitcoin is trading slightly higher$26,000. Rates for a fall still remain high, but long interest has also increased slightly. Cryptocurrencies are sensitive to news fromAsia, and on Monday data on the rate will be released inChina.

USDT is worth94 rubles. Next week we will see whether exporters will be able to provide the market with foreign currency. Profit taking may begin inIMOEXand transfer into currency/bonds.