March 4, 2024

Evening review of the markets 08.08.2023

Evening review of the markets 08.08.2023


Today in Italy, bank shares were actively falling after the government’s decision to introduce a one-timetax of 40%. To finance their obligations, such measures will soon be introduced on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, but for now it’s a rehearsal.

Bitcoin showed an increase to the level of $29.7k, then the pricedecreased to $29.4k. In previous reviews, we noted an increase in the number of short positions; today there was an example of their liquidation. Now there are none left. This is all you need to know about the derivatives market.

IMOEX has grown slightly today, relative to the local minimum, however, the likelihood of continued correction remains, the target is 3000.

The USD/RUB pair has broken a new record and is tradingabove RUR 97 and is not going to stop. The main indicator of a reversal—queues at exchangers—is missing. But real estate sales on the secondary market are breaking records, and this is in July!