May 25, 2022

Brazilian bank to implement Bitcoin and Ethereum investment service

A large Brazilian bank BTG Pactual will provide its customers with the ability to trade digital assets through a new platform Mуnt. This option will become available from the next quarter and will support two leading cryptocurrencies - bitcoin and ether.


According to the local CMI, this initiative is being madeBanco BTG Pactual S.A. (BTG Pactual) is the first Brazilian bank offering services like this. The head of the department of digital assets Andpe Portillo said that in the future the organization will add more credits:

“At first we will have two main assets, but in time we will connect other cryptocurrencies for trading. We will have a full-value platform with assets based on the blockchain. "

According to the recent question, almost every thirdpeople in Latin America are interested in cryptocurrencies. Most people do not invest in bitcoins and altcoins due to lack of knowledge. The desire of BTG Pactual to support trade with educational materials will positively affect the activity of residents.

BTG Pactual is one of the five largestfinancial organizations in Brazil and has staff quarters in metropolitan areas of the country like Rio de Janeiro and San Paulo. It is also the largest investment bank in Latin America and the Kapiba pool.

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