September 19, 2021

British paramedics tested jet life suit

British paramedics tested jet life suit

Special helicopter ambulance serviceAid UK Great North Air has demonstrated how a jet suit allows a paramedic to quickly reach a distant accident site.

Working with Gravity Industries,the service simulated a situation when a physician needed to help an injured girl in a mountainous area. Using a jet-powered suit, inventor Richard Browning was able to reach his destination in just 90 seconds.

The technology will allow the team to paramedics are much quicker to provide assistance to victims, stabilize them and call a helicopter, which in some cases can save the patient's life.

Since the suit consists of small jetdiesel engines, which are located on the pilot's back and arms, to use it, paramedics will need to have sufficient physical training to hold their body in their arms long enough. The use of the device is limited to 5-10 minutes of sweating and partially by the terrain, since the pilot will not be able to make a safe landing on a steep slope.

An important factor is the cost of the jet suit: one was recently sold for $ 438,000. However, it is cheaper than a helicopter, which also needs a pilot, fuel and maintenance.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo and video: Gravity Industries