May 25, 2022

Blockchain and the opinion of fans ensured that Apollo was victorious

The Greek football team won against their teammates after it allowed fans to use the technology of the blockchain and tokens for casting on the basis of matches. At the same time, the club has raised the enthusiasm of the fans to a new level.

FK "Apollo", using the platform of, won a good match against his partner Apic Limaccole, according to Socios. Apollo scored six goals with a zero number of goals in his turn.

Thanks to Socios Apollon worshipers who have purchasedtoken APL, were given the opportunity to bite in a series of questions. This determined the formation of the team on the field and the choice of the attacking players. The fans chose the scheme 4-2-W-1, that is, four players in defense, two midfielders, three attacking midfielders and one attacking one. Three of the four players, for whom the fans were starving, scored goals during the match.

The General Director of, Alexander Drifus, called this day historical and expressed pride as a level of interaction between fans and the administration of FC Apollon:

“Today and Apollon FC have entered history. A technical match against Apis Limaccol became the first match in which the technology of the block was used, with the help of which fans chose the pacification I am very proud of the fact that we have ensured this level of interaction with the fans to our partners from the football club "Apollo", which the fans will be happy with.

According to Socios, after the match, the APL price increased by 1Z%. Later, the club will provide a practice in which fans will identify important points:

“We want to keep in touch with ourbolelschikami and ppedctavlyat THEIR nailuchshim obpazom ... we dadim nashim bolelschikam vozmozhnoct pomogat unto me and octalnoy komande c vybopom, and nadeyuc, they are normally otsenyat tot fakt, chto we tsenim THEIR mnenie "- ckazal glavny tpenep Apollon Cofoponic Avgucti.

Platform Socios has established partnership relationswith many football clubs around the world, including Bapcelona, ​​Pari Sen-Germain and Juventus. Also, the project issued a Visa debit card, so that users could receive permits and other bonuses from a specific football club.