December 2, 2020

TSLab company blog | The simplest semi-automatic module in TSLab

Today, in our example, the cryptocurrency is ETHUSDT with binance futures.

It is extremely convenient that all ticks are downloaded at any point in time upon request. I opened the chart and within a couple of minutes received all the tick data for the month.

In previous articles, we talked about the general principles of price analysis.

Now let's look at a simple semiautomatic device. It looks like this:
TSLab company blog | The simplest semi-automatic module in TSLab

The price of support and resistance is set by hand, but the module sees these prices and can trade on them.

Red button - sell. It also contains a filter, and it will not place an order until the permissible amount of traded volume per day is reached. Only after that the module will place a sell order at the “resistance” price.

The module can be downloaded and loaded into the program, see how it is implemented. Nothing complicated - only 10 blocks)

If you are interested in any of their papers, on the basis of which you would like to see analysis and ready-made modules, you can also offer them.

We will not do complex modules right away, we start with a simple one to make it easier to understand.

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