November 30, 2020

TSLab company blog | Assuming a short on ETHUSD futures


As mentioned earlier, we plan to trade openly. Yesterday we made a semi-automatic module. Asked to add take-profits - done.

Download the updated version of the module.

In the new version, we made two outputs:

  • the first part closes at the nearest level,
  • the second farthest in the ratio of 50 to 50.
  • So far, no stops.

    The levels were determined by the weekly trades. For ETH, these are 350 and 340 are the closest targets.

    We plan to open short at 375 when accumulatingvolume. We also added a checkbox: if you don’t want to restrict your entry, then the checkbox is not active, if you need to filter, then we check it and wait for the accumulation of daily volume.

    How much money to trade, everyone decides for himself. Want 0.001 lots - please. Want 200 lots - there are no barriers. Nobody gets into anyone's pocket.)

    If the deal does not pass the filter, we will let you know. If it opens, we will inform and show its result, regardless of profit or loss.

    Live communication in the telegram channel
    Download TSLab program and use for free on binance, okex, lmax -

    We also added the ability to trade coin futures for binance. Now there are many thoughts on how to use this as effectively as possible for yourself.

    Have you already thought about options for hedging your positions? In fact, the flight of fancy opens up to a big one - we'll see how it will actually be.)