May 28, 2023

CEX blog. IO | Digital gold vs. traditional: how to growDoes Bitcoin's popularity affect gold?

In recent years, institutional investors have increasingly refused to turn back precious metals in favour of Yuri Mazur, Head of Data Analysis at CEX. IO Broker, commented on how the situation will beevolve further.

It seems that institutional investors are seriously interested in bitcoin as an alternative asset.Given that gold is a protective asset, we can expect bitcoin to becompetition for gold in the long run.

And the fact that bitcoin's capitalization hasn't reached even $400 billion cangive investors the opportunity to make high returns, even as the estimated value of all gold mined at the end of 2020 exceedsTen trillion dollars.

Also, given that gold is a protective asset, investors may want toThat's why gold looks like one of the main potential sources of capital for bitcoin, an alternative asset with much greater growth potential than gold.

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