May 13, 2021

Bitcoin ahead of south Africa as a safe haven asset

Bitcoin ahead of south Africa as a safe haven asset

Renowned investor in gold, silver, real estate and bitcoin Robert Kiyosaki posted a tweet in which in once again unflatteringly spoke about the U.S. dollar and reminded the community that bitcoin is now ahead of theother asylum assets.

"The bitcoin boom wins gold and silver.What does that mean?That means you should get it to the max right now.The train is moving.Silver is still available to's not the price, it's how much gold, silver or bitcoin you have."

The author of a book on financial literacy called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Kiyosaki noticed that during the bitcoin boom, which the worldBTC grew faster than other inflation hedge assets such as gold and silver in the third to fourth quarters of this year.

In addition, the entrepreneur and publicist Kiyosaki reiterated that the dollardies because of fundamental factors.

These include the Coronavirus Pandemic, the subsequent isolation and economic stimulus measures that have been put up in the press for more than $6 trillion for U.S. citizens and organizations.

On October 21, the flagship currency managed to overcome the resistance level of $12,000, and since thenits growth was just accelerating.

According to CoinMarketCap, the $14,000 mark was exceeded on November 4, after BTC was already trading above $15,000.On November 12, Bitcoin overcame the $16,000 level, rising to $16,400 since thenhe's persistently trying to climb back over $16,000 and is now worth$16 126.


Rating of TOP-5 cryptocurrency exchanges for 2020:

# Cryptocurrency exchange Official site Site evaluation
1 Binance (Editor's Choice) 9.7
2 Huobi 7.5
3 Exmo 6.9
4 Yobit 6.3
5 OKEx 6.1

The criteria by which the rating is set in our rating of crypto-exchanges:

  • Work reliability - stability of access to all platform functions, including uninterrupted trading, deposit and withdrawal of funds, as well as the period of work on the market and the daily trading volume.
  • Commissions - the size of the commission for trading operations within the site and the withdrawal of assets.
  • Feedback and support - we analyze user reviews and the quality of technical support.
  • Convenience of the interface - we evaluate the functionality and intuitiveness of the interface, possible errors and failures when working with the exchange.
  • Platform features - availability of additional features - futures, options, staking, etc.
  • final grade - the average number of points for all indicators, determines the place in the rating.

Bitcoin ahead of south Africa as a safe haven asset


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