October 27, 2020

Bitcoin gives ordinary people a unique chance to get rich

Bitcoin gives ordinary people a unique chance to get rich

Former Goldman Sachs chief executive and hedge fund manager Raul Pal believes Bitcoin provides a rare opportunity for retail investors to break out and invest in a new gold mine ahead of institutional investors.

In a YouTube interview with Jerry Hall, Pal said,that an eligible exchange-traded bitcoin fund (ETF) will be the catalyst that will bring billions of dollars into BTC and exponentially increase the market capitalization of the largest cryptocurrency.

“There is an opportunity to invest in bitcoin in advance,to get the biggest cryptocurrency profit in your life, because we will have an ETF fund. Billions of dollars will be poured into it. Every pension fund, every family office will allocate some money for this. And the more the price rises, the more they will place funds there, meanwhile the market capitalization of bitcoin will be ...

This is an opportunity for retail investors to bypass the institutional wing once and for all to prevent Goldman Sachs from doing so. ”

Pal notes that at the moment, large funds and institutions are trying to understand the idea of ​​bitcoin, but have not yet found an easy way to trade it.

“Understand: the retirement fund, endowment funds, family office, registered investment advisors - they are all still trying to figure out bitcoin and they still don't have a product to trade. Yes, American banks are now allowed to hold custody. This means that hedge funds are starting to turn to primary brokerage services. Hedge funds will be the first to enter the economy, obviously ...

Registered Investment Advisors know this is interesting but cannot do it. The rules do not allow them to own this digital asset. "

Bitcoin gives ordinary people a unique chance to get rich


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