May 21, 2024

Bitcoin became the leader in profitability for Russian investors during the spring crisis


Karolina Salinger

Russians who invested in Bitcoin against the backgroundcrisis associated with the coronavirus and the collapse of the oil market, increased their income to 74%. «Izvestia» writes about this. with reference to a study by the audit and consulting network FinExpertiza.

Analysts reviewed two investment strategies — conservative and speculative.

A conservative model is understood wheninvestors bought assets in early March and have kept them ever since. Bitcoin (+ 14%), gold (+ 10.8%) and the purchase of American shares (+ 10.3%) became the leaders in profitability with this strategy.

Adherents of the speculative approach managed to increase their savings much more significantly — when the purchase was made at the moment of the greatest drawdown in asset prices.

In this case, bitcoin is also in the lead, but the yield was already 74%. Cryptocurrencies are followed by investments in Russian stocks with a yield of 33.3% and American securities at 23.9%.

Let us recall that according to a previous study by FinExpertiza, Bitcoin became the record holder for real profitability at the end of 2019.