January 28, 2021

Bitcoin millionaires increased by 2.5 times in a week

Bitcoin millionaires increased by 2.5 times in a week

Over the past week, the number of bitcoin addresses worth more than $ 1 million has increased by 150%, according to the research platform Glassnode.

As of Thursday, there were 66,540 such millionaires. This number is more than double the maximum at the end of 2017.

Company researchers associate the exponentialan increase in the number of such addresses with the accumulation of cryptocurrency in the wallets of early miners who did not spend the mined assets for years. As a result of the recent jump in the bitcoin rate above $ 23 thousand, their fortunes are fast passed the million dollar milestone.

Bitcoin millionaires increased by 2.5 times in a week

Glassnode also predicts that in the near futuretime the rise in the price of military-technical cooperation will continue due to the market deficit. As a result of the last halving, the remuneration of miners was reduced to 6.25 coins per block, so now they mine about 900 bitcoins per day, which are quickly bought up by large investors and institutional organizations.

Since the market was subject to significant fluctuations in the past, many early miners were enthusiastic and accustomed to delaying some of the mining, being confident in the long-term success of the digital asset.

However, even despite the current success of the cryptocurrency, most investors do not believe that the bitcoin rate will exceed $ 50 thousand by 2030.