October 22, 2020

Tickets for Asia Games 2022 will be released on the blockchain

Sports fans heading to the 2022 Asian Games in Hanzhou will need a knowledge of blockchain technology, just like The organizers of the two-week competition will issue all tickets with the use of the blockchain network.

According to China News, the organizers turned ona transaction with an online platform for selling tickets Demai, which was acquired in 2017 by the electronic giant and a technology contributor to the Aliboeba e-mail blockchain and e-mail

Tickets for multisport games will go on sale in 2021, and, according to Alibaba Vice President and General Director Damai Cao Jie, all of them will be released in the block.

In the past, the organizers of large events, including international football matches of the highest level, issued tickets to the blockchain only for narrow audiences.

Damai declared that "all tickets will be protected with the help of blockchain technology", which will also simplify and improve the efficiency of checks, fix the problem of issuing tickets.

In addition, this solution will help eliminate the purchase of tickets by unsuccessful people who sell them on the black market at high prices.

Tickets to the Parisian Asian Games of 2022, which will be available in a few weeks after the Asian Games, will also start starting from the start of the game.

In 2022, the Asian Games, also known as the Asian Games, will first receive sportsmen from the Oceania.