September 26, 2023

How to make money on crypto?

Today, blockchain technology and, accordingly, its component such as cryptocurrency is actively developing technology.The crypto market capitalization is $1.1 trillion, and at its peak reached about $3 trillion. The total capitalization of the crypto market is several times higher than that of any corporation or company, which indicates its large scale, while this technology is only at the beginning of its development (testing mode). Now its development is comparable to the Internet in the early 2000s.

Most of us are interested in crypto and blockchain not as a technology, but as a way to make money, and currently there are two ways to make money here:

1. Contribution of personal funds

2. Contribution of your human resources

Let's look at them in more detail

Depositing personal funds implies long-term investments and active cryptocurrency trading

This method, if there is a strategy and compliancerisk management is quite profitable, profit percentages can be many times higher than earnings in traditional markets, this is what makes the world of cryptocurrencies attractive, but you need to remember The higher the return, the higher the risk. Also, this method implies that we have a certain amount that we can invest in the market, and at the same time, losing it will not affect our lives.

Here are a few examples of how much this method could bring:

BTC - 250-1800%;

ETH - 250-5700%;

Cordano - 180-10000%;

XRP - -46-1100%

The percentages are impressive and this is not surprising, because in recent years, crypto has become the most profitable investment instrument of all available assets.

But you can also earn money in another way, andspecifically on token sales, these are investments in projects that have not yet entered the market; this method is comparable to an IPO on the stock market. Investments in token sales also give good X's, but there are limitations, usually in the amount of investment and in the difficulty of obtaining allocations.

Contribution of your human resources

This method involves searching for projects in the early stages and helping the team develop the project; this is not a monetary activity but a contribution of personal time and effort.

Help can be found in

-translation of texts;

-writing articles;

-recordings of reviews;

-creation of infographics, etc.

All work is done on a voluntary basis and with enthusiasm, and as a rule free of charge, however, after the launch of the project, it will issue its tokens that can be sold

From all of the above we can conclude thatWhile this technology and its components are in test mode, we can receive good interest, but we must remember with each subsequent cycle the introduction of crypto will be more noticeable and larger-scale, and accordingly, the profitability will not differ from traditional market ones.

All profit!